Tuesday’s 3 Things to do in my garden this week

Good Morning sweet gardening peeps.  I wanted to stop by with a quick post before I am out the door for my day job as a science teacher.  Hard to believe in just a few short weeks I will be out for the summer. My fearless and spontaneous hubby is home alone and goodness he has been ‘cutting up’…lumber that is!!  I need to remind him to take pics of his project.  LOL

3 Things I want to do this week in our veggie garden:

1. plant my homemade sweet potato slipsmay 2015 homemade sweet potato slips

2. Deadhead my green onions and save some of the seeds for family and friends.may 2015 green onions deadhead seeds

3. Find an organic solution for controlling slugs

may 2015 cabbage slugs

And I am trying to figure out what I will use as my ‘tall’ plant in my pots on my front porch

april garden front porch

Best Wishes sweet peeps for a wonderful Tuesday and hope to see you again tomorrow to give you an update on Wednesday’s watering and weeding 🙂

Thank you for your supportive comments and suggestions.



Sweet Sweet Saturday!! Weeding and Seeding

Good morning sweet gardening peeps.  I am so excited to be off today and I plan to send nearly every daylight minute outside 🙂  Happy Happy JOy Joy!!

I popped in on my neighbor to say good morning and on my way back down my driveway I spotted these beauties!! May 2015 gardeniasI simply adore gardenias!!  They remind me of my wonderful summers spent with my cousins at our grandparents’ home.

Headed back outside to tackle this bed of weeds before the sun heats things upapril garden 015 april garden garlic onion bedand when that happens, I will be working in the shade.

Hope you are digging your Saturday too.  Would love to hear from you when you get a chance.

Best wishes


Weeding, Watering and What have we been up to Wednesday

Good morning my sweet gardening peeps 🙂  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  School has been keeping me super busy but I am over the moon excited about our pending summer vacation!!!  Happy Happy Joy Joy because I know I will be spending nearly every waking moment outside enjoying our backyard veggie garden and we have hopes of touring other nearby gardens with some of our family and friends.

Watering on Wednesdays reminds me to water all of our potted plants on our front porch.april garden front porchapril garden front porch facing right  We have had tons and tons of rain lately so all of our back patio potted plants are good to grow and grow, including the weeds.  lol  I forgot to take a picture of our newly planted patio potted lemon tree, which by the way now has tons of weeds growing underneath the tree.

Weeding and more weeding will need to be done…and very soon.april garden 015  Our weeds just love all of the rain and our busy work schedules.  lol   Our weeding list is never ending but it doesn’t bother me much at all.april garden garlic onion bed  Weeds will be weeds and if I can get to them before they seed I call it a victory for me. 🙂

What have we been up to lately?  Working, working and more working. lol The hubs has used his spare time to work in the garden and I have been working to wrap things up for the end of our school year.  It’s been bittersweet at times for me, so excited to wrap this school year up but then I know I will surely miss my (school) kiddos.  It’s always nice to have the summer holiday to reconnect with my loving family, good friends and nature, which  never fails to re-energize me mentally and physically for the greater good of all who comes in contact with me, including myself.  lol  🙂

I hope to work on another blog post for tomorrow.  April’s end of the month Garden tour.  Here’s a peek at our cutie…first one of the 2015 seasonapril garden our first ripe tomato 2015Now the question is…..Hubby’s or (shhhhh) the birds’?

I will be digging some afternoon golf on TV today and looking forward to seeing you again real soon.

Best wishes as always for a wonderful gardening day 🙂


Friday’s Flowers

Good morning my sweet gardening peeps.  I was out and about for my Friday duty (whoop whoop at home instead of school since it is our Easter break) and these little cuties made me smile.  Best Wishes to you and yours for a wonderful weekend.

love these

love these

april 2015 009 patio flowersapril 2015 010 patio planter climbing rose

I need to train my rose to climb up.

april 2015 011 patio planter climbing rose

I need to add these little cuties to my gardening to do list.  They have been in their little plant cells for long enough….hummm where shall I plant them?

bedding plants.

bedding plants.

Best Wishes always


Wednesday’s Weeding, Watering and What to do…

Good morning my sweet gardening peeps. I wanted to share a quick Wednesday post with you about the weeding I need to do, watering and to pick your brains for suggestions on ‘what to do‘ with these darn ants I have here in my Zone 8 yard and in some of my edible container plantings.

I had a great suggestion from a fellow blogger and reader about my ants.  I am looking forward to trying out her suggestion but first I need to save up my egg shells.  I have about 10 ant piles and I am willing to try different organic remedies to get rid of these little boogers!!  Let’s just start by saying planting MINT does not work, at least not for me.  I have a patio pot full of mint AND it is now boiling over with ANTS!!!  ugh!!!  Cucumber peels did seem to work if only by relocating the little rascals to another patio pot!!!  LOL  So instead of ants in 3 of my container plants I have them in only 2!!

Weeding Wednesday looks like this

wow!!  did this happen over night???  Weeds sure grow faster than I can keep up.

wow!! did this happen over night??? Weeds sure grow faster than I can keep up.

zone 8 118 weeds

a closer look at the same flowerbed. The weeds are spilling over onto the driveway!!!

weeds in side front flowerbed.  completely covering my Indian Hawthorne

weeds in side front flowerbed. completely covering my Indian Hawthorn

weeds covering my plum delights

weeds covering my Plum Delights and Indian Hawthorn flowerbed shrubs

more of these darn flowerbed weeds!

more of these darn flowerbed weeds!

a few of our huge garden weeds

a few of our huge garden weeds

Watering Wednesday:  no need to water because of our daily downpours. I only need to water my flower pots on my front porch.  Watering on Wednesdays helps me to remember to water my potted plants.

front porch container plants

front porch container plants

What to do…with these darn ANTS???

fresh new ant bed in front yard

fresh new ant bed in front yard

I spy ants making their new home in my potted plants on my patio!!!

I spy ants making their new home in my potted plants on my patio!!!

zone 8 108 ants

patio pots 2 are boiling over with Ants!!

shocking how high the ant mound is in this potted plant!!!

shocking how high the ant mound is in this potted plant!!!

Best wishes for a wonderful Wednesday and thanks again for stopping by for a quick visit.  🙂  I enjoy reading your comments, tips and suggestions.  Also feel free to leave me a link of your blog and I will make plans to stop by to do some digging.


My Zone 8 April 2015 Gardening To Do List

Good Morning my sweet gardening peeps, hope everyone had a wonderful Monday.  Since this week is my Easter break week from school I spent most of Monday doing some deep cleaning and finally completed our laundry.  Woo Hoo happy dance.

All day I had thoughts of gardening dancing through my head but I knew all to well if I went outside and put my hands on a hose or gloves there would be no turning back until the light of the moon!!!  I do have plans to be out and about very soon but I must remain focused on cleaning my house and catching up on some other neglected tasks.

So without further ado here’s my quick Gardening To Do List for April

April 2015 Gardening To-DO List:

  • Ants!!!      figure out an organic way to get rid of these little boogers before my hubby gets out his chemicals  ugh!!
    My container of mint is looking good but full of ants!!

    My container of mint is looking good but full of ants!!

    Zone 8 more ant beds

    Zone 8 more ant beds

  • Radishes   harvest for the seedmarch 2015 009 radishes
  • Turnips   harvest the two self seeded turnips and try making chips

    self seeding little beauty plan to make turnip chips

    self seeding little beauty
    plan to make turnip chips

  • Bedding Plants   plant in my containers on front porch and hanging wall basket

    bedding plants for my container front porch planter pots

    bedding plants for my container front porch planter pots

  • Garden Design and Plans    have hubby draw up a garden design and post our garden plans so we will know where, what and when to plant
  • Weed!!
  • Seed inventory and planting plants
  • Garden Journal
  • Harvest to Table recipes and our own ‘cookbook’ of successes and do overs  LOL

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and please leave a comment, I would love to know what you are digging into today 🙂

Best wishes always


Monday’s Management Plan: My Energy My Meals

Good morning 🙂  Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  For myself it was a much needed rest and reconnect with the ones I love dearly. I also enjoyed doing a few of my favorite activities.

march 2015 037

I have been daydreaming for a while now of all the things I would do and accomplish if  I only had the energy. For years now I have been completely exhausted from my JOBs to the point that the best I could do with my brief moments of spare time would be to ‘crawl’ through my life. The exhaustion mostly stems from the never-ending demands of my work life, but this “season” shall pass and I want to make the most of my work life breaks.

I will skip the work demands and we all know the must-dos of home life, such as, cooking, dishes, laundry and finances (gotta pay those bills).  Ugh I fell like an elephant is sitting on me right about now just thinking of all the things in my life that I MUST do.  So with that said, I am going to change the tone of this post by sharing MY ENERGY MY MEALS management plan 🙂  Now I feel the happy positive energy beginning to surge again.

Happy Happy Joy Joy 🙂

First my energy levels need to be improved and need to be maintained for longer periods of time each day.  Right now my very best energy is being consumed, no wait, devoured during my working JOB hours, leaving NO energy for my home life.  I believe this must change in order for me to maintain a healthier, happier and more fulfilling lifestyle for myself, so that I can enjoy even more, my loved ones and the ones I serve and connect with through my passions like my job as a teacher.

First things first!!  Manage my energy by way of my meals.

Decrease coffee consumption by a fourth within a week’s time.  Right now I am quickly consuming 4 large mugs (12 ounces each) of coffee at home each morning.

Increase my water consumption  Most work days I only consume 1 bottle (16-20 ounces) of water and this is at lunch and then maybe one with my supper. I know can make a better effort with this if I put some thought into a plan. The first 4 hours of my work day are bell to bell classes with a quick 20 minute lunch then 90 more minutes of class leaving me with no time for water or the bathroom.  Besides the fact, nearly every working day, I have to search out a bathroom key from one of my co-workers. Sorry I know TMI.

Increase my number of meals and snacks  Right now I have 3 meals and no snacks.  I eat breakfast (toast) very early before work and do not eat again until 6 hours later (pbj and water) then supper at 6pm ish.  My new plan will start with snacks and a snacking schedule.

I will keep us posted here on my blog for my accountability, otherwise odds are I will just continue with my ‘same ole same ole routine’ , which I must change in order to have a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

I would love to hear from you on what works best for you and yours.  How do you enjoy a healthy balance between work and home life?  How do you recharge your energy levels after its been depleted?

Thanks for sharing your time with me 🙂  Best Wishes always

back to digging