Monday Management-A hot and humid weedy mess!!

Dare I post the pictures I have taken of our hot mess?  Excuse me…correction…hot MESSES!!

The hubs and I live in the southeastern part of the USDA Plant Hardiness Map Zone 8b, where in the month of July it is HOT and HUMID nearly the ENTIRE day AND night. The type of days where you hear locust sounds during the day and frogs croaking at night!! Seems daily we have thunderstorms, which the weeds and mosquitoes just LOVE!!  The hubby and I have to admit, after a long work day, we are very appreciative of a good shower or two.  Another benefit…. free water!!  But my goodness the weeds!!  lol

My management plan?  NO GARDENING IN JULY!!!  That’s right!!  Let’s just lay landscaping fabric over our garden beds and take the entire month of July off!!    Now if I could only get my hubby on board with my plan.  Fat chance!!

Are you ready to see our hot messes?  I promise you, things will look better, so please stop by often to checkout our improvements.

Let us start with our front yard.  It was past time to trim these..our Plum Delights.

front flowerbeds HOT MESS

Front yard in July.   On the left:  Azaleas   On the right: Plum Delights

Can you see the ‘honey do’ list a brewing?!  I trim the shrubs and the hubs pressure washes the sidewalk and front porch, but hubby’s items are on hold for the moment.  Fingers crossed, I can mark them off our list…soon!!

I know I shouldn’t prune my Azaleas in July if I want good looking blooms in spring, but these guys are marked for relocation.

front azalea flowerbed

Azaleas in July

aztec and plum delights

Aztec Grass and ‘Plum Delights’ (Loropetalum)

Mailbox flowerbed

mailbox flowerbed need to redo

mailbox flowerbed weeds

Mailbox flowerbed  So ready to redo this bed.

front flowerbeds July

Pruning and weeding needed here too!!

July leaves

River Birch leaves in July

Oh by the way, as I draft out this post (Sunday afternoon)…wait for it ….RAINING!!

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Sweet Sunday Thunderstorm

Okay back to real hot mess.  Let us go around to our backyard veggie garden.  Ready?

I can not believe I am posting these pictures!!  Solution…. just post the pretty pics, but I want to keep it real!!  lol  I want to look back at this post and see what the hubby and I had going on in July 2016!!

(insert the sound of distant thunder from the pasting thunderstorm)

July 2016 veggie garden

Back view of veggie garden

July 2016 garden

‘Crepe Myrtle’ veggie bed

July 2016 melon bed

Wild blackberry vine loves the rain too!!

shady bed of weeds

Weedy and shady veggie bed with a dying squash plant

super weedy bed of green onions

Can you find my green onions among all the nutsedge?

weedy bed of cucumbers

super weedy cucumber bed

July tomato plants

tomato bed in July

Well sweet peeps that pretty much sums up our veggie garden in July.  Before I know it I will be back at school teaching a wonderful new group of students, so I better continue to work on my management plans in hopes to be more productive with my time.

I am looking forward to seeing you more often and please feel free to stop by our facebook page and post pics of your gardens and blog links.

Keep digging!!





2 thoughts on “Monday Management-A hot and humid weedy mess!!

  1. To the northern gardeners here in the US who think we can garden year round in the South, I tell them we don’t have a winter so much as a summer break…

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