Monday Management: Meals and Garden

Happy first day of Summer sweet peeps!!  Hope y’all had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.  We had a much needed, low-key, recharging kind of weekend.

sat 013

Total garden geeks!!  Fruit trees in the back seat!!

The hubby and I used some of our weekend time to discuss our meals and the productivity of our garden.  What spearheaded this discussion?  My hubby’s cooking!!!  He cooked the best boiled shrimp, potatoes and corn.  Delish!!  No big deal some people might say…..but it was HIS CORN that made it a big deal!!!  Yes, finally after three seasons of trying different locations and such, my husband was successful enough to boil a few cobs of corn!!  It was so cool to pick the corn straight from the stalk, which is located right in our backyard!!  Grant it, it wasn’t this massive load of corn but it was just enough to boil for us, which made for an ‘oh soooo cool’ kind of an experience!!!  Can you tell we are total garden geeks?!  lol

When the meal was done it had us thinking about other meals and the productivity of our small backyard garden.  With both meals and garden in mind we started to develop a plan according to the direction we wanted to follow.  Our plans are along the lines of the farm to table concept, only the farm would be our backyard veggie garden.  So with that concept in our minds and our menus, we will try to produce another crop of corn before our first frost here in Zone 8b.  Will we be successful?  Not sure, but check back often for I plan to post both our successes and failures, as to improve our garden productivity and the freshness of our meals.

Keep up the digging!!




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