Tuesday’s 3 Things to do in my garden this week

Good Morning sweet gardening peeps.  I wanted to stop by with a quick post before I am out the door for my day job as a science teacher.  Hard to believe in just a few short weeks I will be out for the summer. My fearless and spontaneous hubby is home alone and goodness he has been ‘cutting up’…lumber that is!!  I need to remind him to take pics of his project.  LOL

3 Things I want to do this week in our veggie garden:

1. plant my homemade sweet potato slipsmay 2015 homemade sweet potato slips

2. Deadhead my green onions and save some of the seeds for family and friends.may 2015 green onions deadhead seeds

3. Find an organic solution for controlling slugs

may 2015 cabbage slugs

And I am trying to figure out what I will use as my ‘tall’ plant in my pots on my front porch

april garden front porch

Best Wishes sweet peeps for a wonderful Tuesday and hope to see you again tomorrow to give you an update on Wednesday’s watering and weeding 🙂

Thank you for your supportive comments and suggestions.



14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s 3 Things to do in my garden this week

  1. dinnerbysusan says:

    I am deathly afraid of slugs. (Weird, but true. Is there a phobia for that?) We’ve had great luck using nasturtiums to keep them out of the garden.

  2. I need to get my sweet potatoes out soon,too:-) update on my weeding-CONSTANT-wish creeping jenny was a ground cover we loved but it is everywhere!

    • I am the same way about some of our weeds, let the bees enjoy them first and then I pull them just before they go to seed 🙂 Loving your blog and looking forward to digging into it more on my summer break 🙂

    • bless your heart plumdirt. We are thinking buckets for this year’s sweet potato crop. We had a landscaping business for 15 yrs so we have a few pots we can use and the hubby has fixed a lot pipes, not fun but he gets it done. Best wishes with your sweet potatoes and please keep us posted 🙂

  3. My suggestion would be a native bunchgrass. Those are ones that stay in a clump instead of spreading everywhere. Some of them have really pretty seed heads. Native grasses will need less water and maintenance in your area.

    Do you have your science class involved in growing anything as part of their studies?

    • Thanks deby for your suggestion, you always have the best advice :). I am very excited about next year, I will have a hort class as well as my regular earth science classes!!! So excited!! And we now have a space to plant 🙂

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