Weeding, Watering and What have we been up to Wednesday

Good morning my sweet gardening peeps 🙂  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  School has been keeping me super busy but I am over the moon excited about our pending summer vacation!!!  Happy Happy Joy Joy because I know I will be spending nearly every waking moment outside enjoying our backyard veggie garden and we have hopes of touring other nearby gardens with some of our family and friends.

Watering on Wednesdays reminds me to water all of our potted plants on our front porch.april garden front porchapril garden front porch facing right  We have had tons and tons of rain lately so all of our back patio potted plants are good to grow and grow, including the weeds.  lol  I forgot to take a picture of our newly planted patio potted lemon tree, which by the way now has tons of weeds growing underneath the tree.

Weeding and more weeding will need to be done…and very soon.april garden 015  Our weeds just love all of the rain and our busy work schedules.  lol   Our weeding list is never ending but it doesn’t bother me much at all.april garden garlic onion bed  Weeds will be weeds and if I can get to them before they seed I call it a victory for me. 🙂

What have we been up to lately?  Working, working and more working. lol The hubs has used his spare time to work in the garden and I have been working to wrap things up for the end of our school year.  It’s been bittersweet at times for me, so excited to wrap this school year up but then I know I will surely miss my (school) kiddos.  It’s always nice to have the summer holiday to reconnect with my loving family, good friends and nature, which  never fails to re-energize me mentally and physically for the greater good of all who comes in contact with me, including myself.  lol  🙂

I hope to work on another blog post for tomorrow.  April’s end of the month Garden tour.  Here’s a peek at our cutie…first one of the 2015 seasonapril garden our first ripe tomato 2015Now the question is…..Hubby’s or (shhhhh) the birds’?

I will be digging some afternoon golf on TV today and looking forward to seeing you again real soon.

Best wishes as always for a wonderful gardening day 🙂



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