Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sweet Sunday

Enjoying this little patio cutie while finishing up my morning coffee.  Our first little green tomato of the 2015 spring season here in our backyard Zone 8 patio container garden.

Our first tomato of the spring 2015 season

Our first tomato of the spring 2015 seasonI

What do you have growing or plan to grow this year?  I would love to hear what you are digging into this spring.

Best Wishes and happy digging



6 thoughts on “Sweet Sunday

  1. Gosh! That is amazingly early to be enjoying tomatoes. I am never able to get anything until two months into summer. Well done and let the season’s tomato feast begin!

  2. I’ve got asparagus up in my yard, but tomatoes are in the greenhouse for at least another month. I’m zone 5, so while it’s warmer now, we still have light frost overnight.

    If I have any emphasis this year, it will be colorful foliage such as heuchera/coral bells and coleus.I’ll also be continuing to expand my native wildflowers.

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