Sweet blessings and Sunflower seeds

vegetable seed Sunday Feb 2015 019Good Morning

I was so blessed yesterday to have my hubby and one of our kiddos at home with me, Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

I enjoyed spending time with them both and even spent a hour or so outside enjoying the day planting one our favorites…sunflowers.  While I planted the seeds, the hubs did our grocery shopping and ran by the produce stand to check on a few fruit trees and then he stopped by our nearby Home Depot for a few fencing supplies.  Hubby scored big time when he purchased another satsuma tree for us and finally… a lemon tree.

As he potted up the fruit trees I finished up seeding and made a mental note to myself to pick up more seeds.  We are out of everything  lol

Best Wishes for a wonderful week and hope to see you soon



One thought on “Sweet blessings and Sunflower seeds

  1. Aren’t sunflowers wonderful? Nothing can keep them down and they’re so dependable. I have several packages waiting to be planted but it’ll be a while yet. I can’t decided whether I want to start some indoors or not to get a head start!

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