Tuesday’s Garden Tour for December 2014

Good Morning my blog peeps 🙂

This morning is a wet and …warmer kind of morning here in my southeastern area of zone 8.  I ran out to my backyard vegetable garden to take a few pictures for this post and quickly watermarked the pictures using picmonkey.

I am still very new to all things blogging, photo taking, and editing.  I am looking at this whole blogging ‘thing’ as a growing experience, and look forward to the day when I can look back at these first posts and smile at all the growth I made in the process.  I am also looking forward to making new blog friendships and sharing our knowledge of gardening together through our blogs.

Now, back to the business at hand, my backyard veggie garden tour…..I am sooo nervous  lol….we live in a small city neighborhood….so here goes….

view facing garden

view facing garden

view from brick path

view from brick path

view from backyard fence

view from backyard fence

My husband and I have had very little extra time to work in our yard this year due to our work load and schedules, so everything has pretty much been on autopilot.  Not too shabby considering there has only been an occasional watering and no weeding. Here is where I would like to give my hubby the credit for the seedlings.  One day about a month ago, he planted up some of our fall/winter seeds for our vegetable garden, while I completed some work related deadlines (we make a great team).

Woo Hoo!! I was delighted to see he had planted some of my favorites like; turnips, radishes, a mixed selection of lettuce and sugar snap peas.   Happy Happy Joy Joy

December 2014 turnip greens

December 2014 turnip greens

sugar snap peas are growing like crazy tall

sugar snap peas are growing like crazy tall

2014 winter garden radishes

2014 winter garden radishes

Whew!!  Okay I am just so nervous about putting our little garden out into the blog world, or is it excitement?!!!  Truly I am so excited to share our gardening journey with you, so please stop by often to see what we are digging into in our small backyard vegetable garden.

I hope that you will share with us your tips and pics of your gardening journeys/experiences.

Best wishes always

Dana and Emerson aka the ‘hubby’


14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Garden Tour for December 2014

    • Thank you so much Tracie. I am in hopes of sharing with you!! Humm I think some garden patio parties might need to be in our future plans. Not to worry, Emerson will do some grilling to go along with the veggies. 🙂

  1. I assume by the style of houses that you are not in the UK?
    So therefore I guess the US somewhere?
    It will be good to compare how and when you grow to ourselves
    I look forward to your updates

      • Thanks and your welcome
        I find it fascinating we grow much the same things
        I’m looking forward to discovering things you grow over there which we dont

    • brr totally understand. We hope to visit your state one day but being from the deep south my family and I better plan for a warmer time of the year LOL Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday. And I look forward to your posts in 2015

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