Saturday’s Sweetness!! Sugar snap peas and seeds

dwd sugar snap wm2

Good morning my sweet peeps 🙂

I am just returning to my computer from a quick photo shoot outside on this wet and chilly Saturday morning here in the southeastern area of zone 8.  I wanted to make my Saturday post quickly before I was sidetracked with my last minute holiday house preparations.  Since I planned to post about our sugar snap peas I took a few quick pics of our THREE (?) sugar snap pea transplants that my sweet hubby started from seeds….hum….maybe a month ago?

Oh my goodness, they are the cutest little things but only three?  How in the world did that happen?  LOL I know…. I wasn’t out there to ‘assist’ my hubby and remind him how much I LOVE sugar snap peas and how I wanted to plant tons and tons for this year’s growing season LOL…or maybe…. just maybe, he couldn’t FIND the seeds that we planned to use this year.  Most likely he didn’t want to interrupt me to ask where I had stored (hid) the seeds, as I was nose-deep at the time, in important work related deadlines and working like a crazed and stressed out ninja.  Smart hubby!!!  He knows me well. 🙂

dwd sugar snap wm

sugar snap wm3

Plans are to plant more sugar snap seeds but that will most likely have to wait until tomorrow afternoon.

Best wishes sweet peeps and until Tuesday (plans for my next post)  I hope y’all are enjoying all that y’all are digging into this holiday season.



2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Sweetness!! Sugar snap peas and seeds

  1. I’m jealous of your snap peas Dana! I always experienced the ‘selective sprouting’ of peas until i tried pre-sprouting in the house between damp paper towels placed in a plastic bag. It takes 3 or 4 days, but virtually 100% of the seeds end up being productive plants. Good luck!

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