Menu Plans for my southern family

Happy Monday and hope y’all had a wonderful weekend.   My menu plan for this week will be one that is routine for me since I have a project which will take most of my brain energy, therefore putting me on the cooking auto mode.  So here goes:

Sunday:   Grilled bbq chicken split breasts, mac and cheese, cooked green peas and carrots

Monday:  black-eyed peas with kale, white rice, corn bread muffins

Tuesday:  turkey meat tacos, black beans, cinnamon tortilla chips

Wednesday:  red beans and rice, mustard greens, corn bread muffins  deer meat sausage for my hubby

Thursday:  chicken jambalaya,  not sure of the sides just yet  I love potato salad but I had that last week. probably green beans

* hubby may add deer sausage to his if he has some left from Wednesday night

Friday:  turkey meatballs and homemade tomato sauce, green salad made from kale and garlic bread

*may finish up green beans from Thursday night if I cooked them and have some left over.

Saturday:  off   not sure what we will be eating.  lol

Best Wishes for a wonderful week and would love to hear what menu plans you have for this week

Digging menu planning,



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