Mother Nature’s Monday Madness

Ugh!  It is cold chilly and wet here again in my southeastern world of zone 8b.  Truth is, I really don’t have one thing to complain about considering what my northern neighbors, family  and friends are having to deal with…SNOW!!!

Here in my neck of the woods, Mother Nature teased us with a warm and wonderful weekend, which my hubby and I made the most of by working outside in our backyard.  We accomplished a few HUGE tasks from our to-do list (hubby’s muscles were needed lol), like moving a fence and some other heavy items.  We added some garden soil to a few veggie beds and added some fencing to keep the cats out….we shall see!   Hubby and I are so ready to transplant our seedlings but we are waiting on Mother Nature to give us the all clear….no more freezing weather …pretty please.

Later I was spoiled rotten when my husband Mark cooked supper and my sweet daughter baked chocolate chip cookies, just in time for the Oscars.

Happy life..feeling loved and blessed.

Would love to hear what you’re “digging” and sending you best wishes for a wonderful warm  week.

ps If you have a gardening blog please send me a link, I would love to stop by and check it out.

Thanks for stopping by,



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